Package nxt.http

Class SetPhasingOnlyControl

  • public final class SetPhasingOnlyControl
    extends APIServlet.APIRequestHandler
    Sets an account control that blocks transactions unless they are phased with certain parameters


    • controlVotingModel - The expected voting model of the phasing. Possible values:
      • NONE(-1) - the phasing control is removed
      • ACCOUNT(0) - only by-account voting is allowed
      • NQT(1) - only balance voting is allowed
      • ASSET(2) - only asset voting is allowed
      • CURRENCY(3) - only currency voting is allowed
    • controlQuorum - The expected quorum.
    • controlMinBalance - The expected minimum balance
    • controlMinBalanceModel - The expected minimum balance model. Possible values:
      • NONE(0) No minimum balance restriction
      • NQT(1) Nxt balance threshold
      • ASSET(2) Asset balance threshold
      • CURRENCY(3) Currency balance threshold
    • controlHolding - The expected holding ID - asset ID or currency ID.
    • controlWhitelisted - multiple values - the expected whitelisted accounts
    • controlMaxFees - The maximum allowed accumulated total fees for not yet finished phased transactions.
    • controlMinDuration - The minimum phasing duration (finish height minus current height).
    • controlHolding - The maximum allowed phasing duration.